Hot Air Balloon Ride – Dubai - 1 Day

Hot Air Balloon Ride capturing the spectacular view of the sun rising over the Hajar mountains (and maybe a few incredible selfies) is worth the early morning start. Fly with the world’s fastest animal 1 kilometer above the pristine sand dunes of the Dubai desert, as peregrine falcons soar around the balloon in a world-first show! Spot roaming camels, galloping gazelles and the mighty Arabian Oryx in their natural habitat. Your once in a lifetime flight will create lifelong memories!

What is the most exhilarating, yet tranquil and romantic thing to do in Dubai? We think it’s a Hot Air Balloon ride over the Dubai desert. At Balloon Adventures Dubai, we make it our business to exceed your expectations and offer one of the most unique Hot Air Balloon ride in the world. So what’s so unique about our Hot Air Balloon rides you ask? A few world-firsts and a lot of experience!

The truly unique thing about flying with Balloon Adventures is you get to experience a world-first phenomenon. Imagine soaring above the Dubai desert with Peregrine falcons – the world’s fastest animal! Experience these magnificent creatures in full flight as you get uninterrupted 360-degree views from the Hot Air Balloon, over a kilometer above the desert. Flying around a Hot Air Balloon is the most spectacular falcon show on Earth (or at least above it!). How do we know the falcon will come back? Six months of innovative and intensive training and a very interesting journey from the Highlands of Scotland, via Umbria in Italy on their way to Dubai.

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Price From AED د.إ 1,195 AED د.إ 999/person
Total د.إ 999 AED